Role of seed vigor in proper seedling establishment for profitable yield

Role of seed vigor in proper seedling establishment for profitable yield

Seed vigor refers to a seed’s capacity to germinate and establish seedlings quickly, evenly, and vigorously under a variety of environmental conditions. Plants that have vigorous seeds grow larger. Not only are they bigger, but they’re also more resistant, resulting in a higher yield. Seed vigor refers to the whole mix of a seed’s qualities, including its size, purity, cleanliness, and germination capacity. Low-vigor seeds will generate weaker seedlings that are more vulnerable to assault, pollution, and other environmental challenges. It takes well-established plants that germinate fast, evenly, and deliver the maximum amount of healthy produce for successful crop production. The more robust the seed, the more likely it is to succeed, therefore here’s what we need to know about seed vigor:

  • The size of the seeds should be consistent; this indicates that they are all of the same quality and purity.
  • Weeds are less likely to compete for important nutrients and moisture if seeds are distributed equally over the paddock.
  • Seed purity must be maintained. Seeds should not only be uniform in size, but also contain only one variety.
  • Seed cleanliness, Contaminants in dirt, twigs, straw, stones, and weeds can reduce the seed’s yield and even render it unusable.
  • Seeds with consistent size, shape, color, purity, and cleanliness generate stronger seedlings that grow into healthy plants. Seedlings from strong seed stock germinate more quickly, resulting in early, homogeneous stands that shield and protect one another.

Seed vigor contributes directly to the economic performance of all commercial crops by influencing seedling emergence. Indirect impacts of vigor on crop productivity are equally significant. Because fertilizers, irrigation, and pesticides are the same whether the stand is appropriate or not, suitable stands are required for resource-efficient cultivation. The consistency and timing of field crop seedling emergence affects their ability to compete with weeds. This has an immediate effect on pesticide efficacy, weeding tactics, and other aspects of crop production that determine cost-effectiveness and environmental impact. Poor seed vigor can have a direct financial penalty in other production processes, such as the establishment of vegetable transplants and ornamental in the glasshouse, due to wasted glasshouse space and planting materials, increased labor costs, and poorer product quality due to non-uniformity. Thus, for the sustainable yield and to increase production of crop proper establishment of seedling is necessary. For the proper establishment of the seeding, seed vigor is one of the important factor.

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