Problems to seed sector and recommend solution in the present scenario of COVID-19

Problems to seed sector and recommend solution in the present scenario of COVID-19

Seed is a key agricultural input which plays a fundamental role in developing the resilient agricultural sector and food systems that underpin food security, nutrition and support the livelihoods of farmers and other acters in the value chain. The seed industry is a wide industry, it is expected to be travel through several place and area for production, multiplication, processing, and packaging before it reaches a farmer. It is a time sensitive product because its value change according to time, during sowing period has peak value while in rest period does not as much. As, such that due to necessary restriction granted on movement and transport by government to protect people from Covid-19 pandemic have the potential to seriously affect the production, certification, distribution, and cost of is more likely to have a greater impact on least developed and developing country like ours because they are more reliant on agriculture as a key economic sector as well as a critical source of domestic food security. Here we are shortly discussing about problems on seed sector introduced by Covid-19 and recommend measures to overcome it.

Problems encounter in seed sector in present scenario of Covid-19 are as follows;

  • Availability and cost of transport due to the reduced number of commercial flights and vehicles hamper seed supply chains and on time delivery of seed.
  • ¬†Due to limits on mobility of people’s effects on production, trade, and sale process.
  • Contraction in the market for plants and seeds particularly ornaments due to closure of gardencenters and florist lead to loss of contacts with key retailer is creating problems for seed sector.
  • Labour shortage is also become the problem in seed production due to covid crisis.
  • Farmers must pay excessive cost for seed.
  • Lack of adequate capital among farmers to supply necessary inputs for quality seed production.
  • Poor technical assistance in seed value chain.
  • Farmers are not known about improved tools, equipment required for quality seed production and seed production programs.

To prevent the breakage supply chain of seed and related problems should be identified and solution measures should be carried out accordingly.

  • Available ecological and biological diversity of indigenous plant should be used for seed
  • Community seed bank approach should be initiated.
  • Production activities based on direct participation of farmers through virtual meeting to
    increase the seed supply should be conducted and thus to sustain productivity level.
  • Sanitary measures should be strictly introduced on quality seed production.
  • As a control measure social distancing should be follow among seed certification staff and companies to continue the seed trade.
  • Communication and harmony should be established between producer, seed processer seed distributer.
  • Situation is being changed, so that it is important that policy makers and regulators are regularly receiving accurate reliable and update information.
  • Infrastructure development like transportation, irrigation, market facilities are critical to
    improve the seed trade within the country.

Thus, to identify the problems and practical solutions to control them, government agencies, seed companies, various agricultural sectors, and farmers must work together to improve food system.

About the author
Manisha Bashyal
B.Sc. Ag
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science

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