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Implications of seed dormancy in seed longevity and seed storability

Implications of seed dormancy in seed longevity and seed storability      

Seed dormancy refers to the state or conditions in which normal physical functions of a seed are temporarily inactive ;seeds can be protected from germinating even under the favorable conditions of  the environment (i.e. light, temperature, other mechanical constraints and so on). It is a natural phenomena. “Seed longevity” is defined as the duration of time that the viability of seed is retained after storing the  seed at dry condition. “Seed storability” means the conservation of seeds on the controlled environmental conditions so that we can extend the seed’s viability for the longer period of time.

Seed longevity helps to enhance the viability percentage of seed. Seed dormancy occurs naturally so that early germination isn’t happening there and we can sown seeds for the  next season/year.If longevity is more,then only the longer storability is possible .Dormancy period depends upon the nature of the crops.example;pepping of buds occurs 2 to 4 weeks prior to defined loss of dormancy likewise  temperate crops such as wheat etc.they will matured only going after dormancy period. There is formation of embryo structure but the enzymes necessary for germination aren’t accumulated and in that period the photosynthetic process occurs and we can keep it on dormancy. So,this mechanism is a good method to increase longevity of seed. By increasing longevity we can prolong seed storability. Seed remains alive in soil for many years due to dormancy. It helps in the dispersal of seeds through adverse environmental conditions. During seed storage, seed respiration uses many biomolecules(i.e.oils, fatty acids, glucose etc.)so that seed germination rate and seedlings establishment declines by which ultimately reduces seed longevity. Seed loses it’s vigor, viability and quality if seed get decay. So,it should be carefully checked before storage. If seed loses it’s vigor; can’t germinate. So, we can conclude dormancy co-related with storability and longevity.

As a conclusion we can conclude, Seed dormancy is a very important parameter for food security in Nepal. Because high amount produce are stored for a long time and seed storability helps to obtain adequate amount of food in season. There is no crisis of food in season. Everybody has to eat and our ultimate goal is also to save our country from hunger by being self dependent; not depend on neighboring countries for the food.

About the Author:
Ashok Silwal; B.Sc. Ag
Lamjung Campus
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science

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