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How to Identify Poisonous Mushroom??

How to Identify Poisonous Mushroom??

Some common traits that helps to identify these poisonous mushrooms


Q. Where does the mushroom grow? Is it growing on trees or grassland? What kind of tree are they growing atop or under?

• Edible mushrooms typically grow in lawns or open paddocks and not under shrubs or trees like the Poisonous Mushroom

• Amanitas, for example, start appearing in fall and summer, especially on the floor of woodlands. They are quite common in most places.

Warts or scales on the cap 

• Edible mushrooms have smooth and more or less white caps with no raised warts or scales apparent or obvious.
• On the contrary, poisonous mushrooms, for instance, the toxic fly agaric have a different colored cap (usually red with white spots) which has conspicuous scales and raised lumps.

Presence of a bulbous cup or sac around the base

• The base of edible mushrooms is narrow or not thick, like the rest of the stalk.
• On the other hand, many poisonous mushrooms usually have a noticeably swollen base. The Amanita muscaria, for instance, has a bulbous base.

A white spore print.

• Depending on the mushroom type, the color of mushroom spores can vary from white to black and many other shades.
• Some of the common poisonous mushrooms such as Amanita have white-colored spore prints.

Color Of Gills

Color of the mushroom’s gills are considered to vary with the edible and poisonous category:
• Edible mushrooms has gills attached to the cap and not to the stalk. (This means that the gills will stay attached to the cap even when the stalk is removed from the mushroom’s base)
• Poisonous mushroom has gills attached to the stalk and will remain there even after you’ve removed it from the base.
• The gills, young edible mushroom cap are usually pink in color; mature mushroom: the pink color changes to brown or black.
• On the contrary, poisonous mushrooms have white gills that do not change color throughout their entire lifecycle.

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