VermiComposting an alternative to Chemical Fertilizers

VermiComposting an alternative to Chemical Fertilizers

Nepal has got a great scope in the agriculture sector. Even though agriculture is one of the major contributors to the National GDP in Nepal, it still doesn’t stand with a strong framework of input and other investments to rely on. One of the drawbacks in Nepal to carry out agricultural projects is the lack of fertilizers and timely supply of it.

As per the data, the current demand for chemical fertilizer of Nepal is 9 lakh tons/year but the supply of fertilizers is shockingly very less i.e. only 3.5 lakh tons. To date, Nepal does not have any Industrial plants for chemical fertilizer production nor there is any sign of a project under work by the government to establish one. The supplied fertilizers are imported from the neighboring country India mostly through roadway which makes the cost more expensive for the farmers and Nepalese currency flows out. The rest of the unsupplied fertilizer is coped with locally available fertilizers like compost manure, FYM, etc. which do not have high nutrient content as compared to organic fertilizers. This lowers down the agriculture production.

One of the possible and practicable alternatives that Nepal can go for is Vermi-Compost which is the cast of earthworm. This earthworm excreta is highly nutritious and contains various other elements that boost crop production. Not only it can be an alternative to chemical fertilizers but it is one of a good way for those who seeking for undergoing organic farming. Organic farming excludes any use of chemical fertilizers so in this scenario vermin compost can be the best option.

Vermicomposting is practicable in day to day life and easy if proper information is provided. Commercial production of supply of vermin, compost is happening these days in Nepal by youth entrepreneur, and it’s getting a good response from farmers.

All in all, there is a way to be independent for Nepal in terms of fertilizer and move towards the path of organic farming.

About the Author:
Gopi Chataut; B.Sc. Ag
Lamjung Campus
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science

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