Thaneshwor Neupane, A Successful Farmer

Thaneshwor Neupane, A Successful Farmer

Thaneshwor Neupane is an agricultural entrepreneur from Bharatpur metropolitan, ward number 26. He is a combination of farmer and businessman. He is practicing cultivation in more than 4 ha of land, and besides, he is running the business of agricultural service where he has kept two sets of tractor and is providing services of land ploughing, crop threshing and agricultural input transportation for the entire village of around five hundred people since last twelve years.

From the early young age, he started working in an agricultural farm near his locality which was ran by a B.Sc. Ag graduate. That had been a life changing experience for him, he experienced and learned the cultivation practices of field crops in there. Then he started his own farming with a set of bull. He cultivated different cereals, vegetables and spices all in the leased land. He used to spend the whole month per season cycling to sell vegetables he produced and he used to get very far from his farm. The customers put his name Tarkali Maila and he got popular by this name in the farthest villages too.

After years of farming, he saw the tractor in his locality ploughing the land and he used that too. After few years he got an idea to bring a tractor in his own, he took the loan from villagers and purchased one. At the beginning, he kept a driver. Just within a few months he learned that driving thing and started ploughing the field in his own. He then became Tractor Maila from Tarkali Maila. Meanwhile, he brought another set of tractor and two threshing machines which he used for threshing of maize, rice, wheat, buckwheat, lentil, pea, mustard etc. and the whole cultivation process became advanced and easier.

He has registered an agricultural enterprise named “Neupane Krishi Firm” which covers an area of around 4.5 hactares where 4 hactares is on lease basis. He is cultivating vegetables and fruit (banana)  that are being sold in the local market as well as district market of Bharatpur. He is now providing regular job for five men and part time job for more than fifteen. He is investing  annually nine to ten lakh and is getting return of about fifteen to twenty lakhs. He is very satisfied and happy with this.

There are five members in his family, all are supporting and helping in nature.  He said his wife Dil Kumari Neupane has been a good luck for him. His reading and writing is not good and she has taken care of all of that. She helped him to harvest what he invested, and this became the story behind his success.

He said there are lots of opportunities to be grabbed in the agricultural sector and also mentioned challenges follows everyman everywhere but we need to be focused in our work.

Hard-work, discipline and proper plan; he thinks are the keys to success.

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