Successful Agri-entrepreneur : Janbu Rai

Successful Agri-entrepreneur : Janbu Rai

Name of farmer: Janbu Rai
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Number of family members: 4
Address: Solu Dudh Kunda Municipality-06 Salleri, Solukhumbu 
Name of enterprises: Krishneswara Krishi Farm
Year of establishment: 2070-08-10 

Janbu Rai from Solukhumbu, Salieri and he is farming on seven ropani of rented land. He pays around NRs 50,000 land rent annually. He invests around NRs. 6 00,000 in farm yearly and makes a profit of 4,00,000. Janbu Rai started farming six years ago; it has been a family inspiration for him to do the farming.

He took an agricultural loan of NRs 50,000 from Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Solukhumbu and 50,000 from Krishi Bikash Bank with subsidized interest to get started on his business. Janbu started farming six years ago as he was planning to go aboard and he was unsuccessful to get visa also he lost money in manpower. It has been fortune to him that Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Solukhumbu had organized several training programmes related to off season vegetable production, kiwi fruit production in his village. He participated in that training and get inspired to do vegetable and fruit farming. He also got family support. At the initial period he was in loss as he did not have a practical idea of safe management of disease and pest.

Janbu Rai started his farm by growing cauliflower, cabbage, chilies, and squash. Now, he also grows Kiwi fruit along the vegetables. He employs one other farmers in his field regularly to make the field clean and to pick up the vegetables and fruits. He grows cauliflower, cabbage, chilies and kiwi throughout the year and sells them in his local market.

His income has to stretch to feed his own wife and two children.Two cows are also part of the household and help Janbu with their substantial driving force and valuable manure. Now he is able to make a regular income of NRs 30,000 per month from agriculture and NRs 12,000 by selling milk and Paneer.

He explained that now he has learned the techniques of farming off-seasonal vegetables in the training organized by Agriculture knowledge centre Solukhumbu and many farmers in the village have been also motivated to grow off-seasonal vegetables. Janbu said: “The soil plays a big role in cultivating good vegetable” He said that, many sort of problem has raised during the period of production and marketing. Sometimes vegetables and fruit don’t get proper price and get loss due to several kinds of diseases. There is no proper transportation facility. He also tells that to solve this problem government should have a clear vision for agriculture market and pricing system. Technical support should be given to solve the emerging technical problems and issues for commercial farmers. Subsidy and grants should be provided to real farmers which encourage them for commercialization. He said many youths have faced a problem in job opportunity and forced to go aboard and does not able to maintain living standard. If government give consciousness on this and encourage youth with grants, subsidies and technical facilities for commercial farming then, many youths get chance to upgrade their life from poverty line.

Rai said that, he applies the application to achieve grant for model farm establishment to Krishi Gyan Kendra, Solukhumbu. Right now he is satisfied from his business. Now he is planning to buy land from his earnings and also increase area of farming. He maintained all his costs from his farm.

According to Janbu the spray needed for vegetable production will depend on a range of factors such as weather, temperature, rainfall, and quality requirements for the vegetables. Janbu has participated in IPM training programme. Janbu uses jhol mol and chemical pesticides on his vegetables and fruits if the crops require it but in an appropriate amount, and he is sure to follow the procedures properly, as there are legal requirements that you need to apply with when using chemicals.

Right now the farmers living in Salleri visit Janbu’s farm to learn the technique of agriculture and the use of pesticides and in that way he is seen as a community leader. Janbu proudly says if anyone is interested to learn and observe farming from his farm they are most welcome, and he especially gives preference to teaching other farmers.

The exposure visit at Janbu’s farm was a huge success, it now allows them to show value to farming, they also learned how to plan a farm business and ensure the financial success of the operation and small farming can be enough for a family of five to live a good life.

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