Major Rice Cultivar Found in Nepal

Rice Genetic Resources of Nepal

More than 1700 rice landraces are reported in Nepal growing from 60 to 3050 m altitude. Considering this importance of rice diversities, the National gene Bank of Nepal Agriculture Research Council (NARC) has conserved more than 3980 germplasm collected and received from national and international sources (Nepal-1141, IRRI-2672, USA-121, Russia-40 and Africa-6).

Rice account about 42.5 percent of the total land area coverage under food grains and the share on total production is about 51.6 (MOAD, 2013).

                                                        Eastern Region of Nepal

Mountain: Chhomrong, Khumal-4, Mansuli, Sabitri,  Radha-12,  Hardinath-1, Mithila, Loktantra, Makawanpur-1, Kanchhi mansuli.

Hills: khumal- 4, Mansuli, Radha-12, Makawanpur-1, Kanchhi mansuli, Tarahara-1, Khumla-8, Khumla-10, Ranjit, Hardinath-1, sabitri, Radha-4, Rambilash, Sukhkha-2, Loktantra, Swarna sab -1, Khumla-2, Taichung-176, Chomromg, Radha-17.

Terai: Sona Mansuli, Radha-12, Kanchii mansuli, Rajit, Mansuli, Lalka basmati, Swarn sab-1, Hardinath-1, BB-1, Tarahara-1, Rampur mansuli, RP-1017, Sabitri, Anmol mansuli, Barse- 3004, Sukkha-3, Barse-3004, Sukkha-3, Barse-2014, Sawa mansuli, Mithila, Maka wanpur-1, Mithila, Makawanpur-1, Sukkha-1, sukkah-2

                                                   Central Region of Nepal

Mountain: Makwanpur-1, khumla-4, khumal-10, Chinung-242, Khumal-8, Khumal-11, Himali, Radha-6, Radha-4, Mansuli, Ghaiya-2, Kanchan,

Hill: Makawanpur-1, Sabitri, Khumal-4, Khumal-11, Chinung-242, Radha-4, Taichung-176, Khumal-10, Ghaiya-2, Hardinath-1, Radha-7, Khumal-8, Ram Dhan, Loktantra, Rambilash, Sunaulo Sughandha, Rampur Mansuli, Himali, Parwaipur-1, Mansuli, Mallika, Sukkha-3, Sukkha-2, Swarna sab-1, Sukkha-1

Terai: Sona Mansuli, Sabitri, Hardinth-1, Swarna sab-1, Rambilash, Radha 4, Ram Dhan, Mansuli, Sarju-52, Sabha Sab-1, Sambha Mansuli Sab-1, Sukkha-2, Sukkha-1, Mithila, Radha-11, Sukkha-3, Makawanpur-1, Sunaulo Sugandha, Ghaiya-1, Kanchi Mansuli, Loktantra.

                                                            Western Region of Nepal

Hill: Sabitri, Khumal-4, Ram Dhan, Makawanpur-1, Khumal-10, Sudhariyako Jethobudho, Mansuli, Radha-7, Rampur mansuli, Radha-4, Sunaulo Sugandha, Hardinath-1, Loktantra, Khumal-8, Machapuchre-3, Chhomrong, Lumle-2, khumal-2, Radha-11, Khumal-11, Radha-12, Sukkha-3, Sukkha-1, Sawa mansuli, Malesiya, Sukkha-2.

Terai: Radha-4, Sawa mansuli, Sabitri, Sambha mansli sab-1, Ram Dhan, Sarju-52, Mansuli, Sona Mansuli, Swarna sab-1, Hardinath-1, Radha-12, Radha-7, Sukkha-1, Sukkha-3

                                                            Mid-Western Region of Nepal

Mountain: Chndan Nath-3, Chandan Nath-1, Khummal-10, Chhomrong, Macchapuchhre-3, Taichung-176, Lumle-2

Hills: Bindeswari, Radha-4, Khumal-4, Radha-7, Sabitri, Himali, Ram Dhan, Khumal-11, Radha-12, Loktantra, Khumal-8, Khumal-10, Mansuli, Makeanpur-1, Ghaiya-2, Sukkh-1, Sukkha-2, Sukkha-3, Khumal-9, Mithila, Tarahara-1, Hardinath-1, Sawa Mansuli

Terai: Radha-4, Bindeswari, Sabitri, Makawanour-1, Surju-52, Ram dhan, Janki, Mansuli, Sukkha-3, Sukkha-2, Hardinath-1, Sambha Mansuli sab-1, Sawa Mansuli, Sukkha-1, Aanadi, Tilki.

                                                          Far-Western Region of Nepal

Mountain: Radha-4, khumal-4, Hardinath-1, Chhomrong, Himali, Chandannath-1, Chandannath-3, Sukhkha-1, Khumal-11, Khumal-14

Hill: Radha-4, Khumal-4, Hardinath-1, Khumal-11, Khumal-10, Loktantra, Sawa mansui, Sukkha-3

Terai: Sarju-53, Radha-4, Sabitri, Hardinath-1, Ram Dhan, Loktantra, Sawa mansuli, Mansuli, Mithila, Swarna sab-1, Sukkha-1, Sukkha-3, Janak, Radhakrishna.  

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