Castration is unsexing of male or female and consists of removal of both testicles and ovaries respectively. It is the most common and oldest of all surgical operations. It is done to prevent reproduction and increase weight gain. It also makes animals more docile and easier to handle

Age for castration: The best age for castrating a goat is at 8-10 weeks. Goat can be castrated at age of 2 weeks also, Castration should be in early age to gain quality and quantity in goat meat. Castration of young animal

Some common methods are: 

1) Burdizzos castrator method : Also known as bloodless circulation.  Castrator crushes each cord separately one inch or above the testicles.  Castrator should be cleaned and disinfected. Make sure to protect testes from any injury. First the buck is secured and placed on its rump with the tail placed along the surface of the stable floor. Then testis are manipulated and slightly pulled out with scrotum. Then spermatic cords are held tightly on both sides making sure that the spermathic cord doesn’t slip. Then with a clean and smooth edge of burdizzos castrator spermathic cords are punched. After that tincture iodine should be applied at the site of crush.

2) Rubber band method: Recently developed a new method in western countries where they use a strong and tight rubber ring around the cord at a very early age of buck. This creates a constant pressure when testicles which causes failure of testis by blocking the blood circulation. 

3) Incision method: In this method, Surgical operation is carried out for castration. Both testicles are removed by surgical operation and antiseptics are applied to prevent infection. Success rate is greater in the young buck. 

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