Best way to pot filling in gardening

Best way to pot filling in gardening

You might wonder how can there be something like best technique to fill pot in pot culture or indoor plants. However there are things to consider for proper growth and development of plants in pot culture like depth of soil, aeration, drainage, root growth etc. Usually we like to fill the pot with the mixture of soil and compost from bottom to top and plant the seedling or sapling as a consequence we end up with water logging, yellowing of plants, slow growth and development and so on. To avoid all these problems pot filling should be done with care. Materials required and procedures to proper pot filling are mentioned below.

Materials required

  1. Pot with enough drainage holes( usually 5-6 is enough)
  2. Small sized pebbles
  3. Sand
  4. Compost
  5. Soil


  1. At first a proper sized pot is taken depending upon the size of plant to be grown with holes in it for drainage of excess water.
  2. Now a layer of small sized pebbles (2-5 cm in diameter) are spread on the bottom of the pot so that excess water can be drained easily but not the soil, compost and sand. It also helps in aeration of roots.
  3. Pebbles are followed by a layer of sand about 3-5 cm is enough to fill the pores and easy aeration.
  4. Now the mixture of soil and compost at the ratio of 1:1 is spread evenly to fill the pot leaving about 5 cm to the top.
  5. Finally, our pot is ready to be planted.
  6. Once the plant is planted it can be covered with colored pebbles or mosses which make it aesthetic as well as its easy to irrigate by preventing mud split during irrigation.
  7. Light irrigation is must after transplanting the seedling or plant itself.

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