Babin Sunar; A Successful Agri-enterpreneur


Babin Sunar; A Successful Agri-entrepreneur

This is a story of Babin Sunar a young energetic and enthusiastic agri-entrepreneur  from Duwakot Besi, Bhaktapur. He has integrated vegetables with livestock and has been supplying the diverse products to the local as well as Kalimati fruits and vegetable market regularly.

Babin is a Qatar return who worked there for five successive years and returned his homeland dreaming a local establishment in any way. He then searched for the opportunities and found the agriculture sector as most suitable for him. He then found 5 Ropani of suitable land and took this on a lease basis and started vegetable production. Meanwhile, he got an idea of an integrated farm and practiced that with 20 pigs by making a pig’s pigsty. He registered the farm with the nameDuwakot krishi tatha pasu utpadan farm”. He established the farm with the initial investment of about five lakh rupees and running it smoothly with a sound profit.

It has been five years now and the farm has extended to the hundreds of mature pigs with hundreds of piglets, thirty ducks, and vegetables in 8 ropani. Through this farm, he is making an annual profit of eight to ten lakhs. His monthly revenue is around 2.5 lakhs and around 65 % is spent on different farm inputs and his income is estimated to be around 1 lakh per month.

He also incorporated off-season vegetables including tomatoes, green peas, cowpeas, beans, broccoli, and many more which provides additional income to his farm. He employs around 5 permanent workers and several others temporarily. Recently, he has also included ducks on his farm creating a sustainable environment. In addition to this, He has also taken different pieces of training related to off-season vegetables and livestock productions and implemented it on his farm, which has encouraged him to expand his farm to the national level.

Apart from this, he has also taken a loan of 20 lakhs from an agriculture development bank for shed management and farm expansion. He is planning on integrating fishery to increase the efficiency of the farm. He also hopes to provide additional employment opportunities to local peoples and to be an inspiration to the youth who are willing to do something in their own country.

According to Sunar, youth who are struggling in agriculture have to face different challenges like a fund for investment, price fluctuation, improper market and marketing system, unavailability of inputs in time, and so on. Despite these challenges, there is a wide range of potential in the agricultural sector as the demand for an agricultural commodity is increasing day by day.

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